One-to-one sessions

If you would like to deepen the exploration of your Soul’s imagery, consider some one-to-one sessions.

Most people find a minimum of four sessions to be extremely powerful, though you may discover that you connect to your inner knowing in less time. In these sessions, we can focus on the creation process, or on using your Soul Pictures to dive deeper into your personal metamorphosis. This is especially recommended if you want to release old trauma, explore past lives, or heal ancestral wounds.

The cost of a single session can be put towards a package if you decide after the session that you want to invest in your own soul healing. And if you decide on a small package and then opt to expand that, you only pay the difference between the two prices.

Single session - £115

Colour me Calm - 4 sessions - £365

Tangible Transformation - 8 sessions - £549

Deep Dive Add-on - per four additional sessions after the 8 sessions package - £260

I also offer discount rates for students, single parents, pensioners, and anyone on benefits.  Contact me for more information, on or call 07561 231 281.

Coming Soon!

Change your life one picture at a time: A course in creating and using Soul Pictures on Udemy.

In this course, you’ll learn the foundations of creating a Soul Picture, practice following along with tips and techniques to easily draw something that represents what you want, and discover how to use these Soul Pictures to overcome a number of different issues and obstacles.

With over forty short videos, worksheets, and tapping meditations, this is a practical and fun course to get you up and running. By the end, you’ll be creating effective Soul Pictures and using them to keep you motivated and make your transformation tangible.