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Soul Pictures

Tapping into your Soul's Pictures for Calm, Joy and Purpose

Three Types of Soul Picture

There are three different kinds of Soul Picture that you can create: foci, maps, and anchors

These can have overlapping uses, and may sometimes look similar, though other times they can be quite different.








A focus Soul Picture encapsulates what you want to achieve: your Soul's desire. It is the desired outcome that you wish to create through this Soul Picture process.

For example, if you want to invite abundance into your life, your Soul Picture might show you surrounded by things that you want, or doing something that you aspire to. It might be yourself with a house and a car, or yourself on a wonderful beach, or yourself holding the book you've just had published. You get the picture!

Then, think what affirmations you want to go with this:

  1. I live my soul's purpose in abundance and joy.
  2. I am abundant/abundance.
  3. I have all my needs met.
  4. I live my bliss.
  5. Good things come easily to me.
  6. I live my dream.

You can write these in or around your Soul Picture, if you want, as reminders and as another layer of symbolism. You will also use them in your tapping to release blocks and self-sabotage around creating this reality, and reinforcing your motivation.


A map Soul Picture can be especially useful if you are feeling a bit stuck with a negative situation. Rather than just trying to find the opposite, positive aspect, you can create a map to help you transition from here to there.

In this case, you start from the negative, think about what will help you move away from that, and what you would like to achieve. This is useful both if you think you know what you need to do, and if you don't.

For example, if you feel trapped in lack, you might draw yourself in a cage. Then, the 'transition' might be having a key to unlock the cage. And finally, you would have the 'abundant' image from the foci section.

Tapping on the negative part may help you gain some insight into why you have been stuck with this situation or feeling. Equally, tapping on the transition can help you come up with creative ideas around how to achieve it. It may also highlight why what you have been doing so far hasn't worked. Finally, you tap on your desired outcome, to strengthen your motivation, and perhaps allow your subconscious mind to believe it is truly possible.


Both when you create your Soul Pictures and when you are tapping on them, you often find you gain insight into what has been happening and some creative ideas about how to move forward. It can be really helpful to make these new understandings and resources tangible by creating a new Soul Picture to represent them.

Anchors are most often like foci, they may express a number of ideas within a single image. And they are both inspirational and aspirational: they help to stimulate your motivation by reminding you of the gains you have made, and the transformation you are moving towards.

The two main differences between a focus Soul Picture and an anchor Soul Picture are that anchors are created after you have gained insight, and that they 'anchor' new understandings. So, an anchor might look like a focus image, its difference lies in the fact that it represents a new perspective that you have gained, and making this shift tangible and memorable.

An anchor can still have affirmations in and around it. Often, these are far easier to 'tap in', as you have already done work to shift any underlying negatives. Therefore, you may find you can just use the image to focus purely on the positive. If you do still want a setup statement, you might use: 'Even though I sometimes need to be reminded that I am abundant, I love and accept myself.'

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