Your Soul's Pictures are deeply emotive and resonate with the issue you are exploring, or which you want to release.

They can also be the perfect reminder of new resources or learnings you want to reinforce and anchor in yourself.


For these reasons, they make an excellent focus to keep in mind while tapping on acupressure points (EFT).

This is because tapping works in at least two different ways.

How Tapping Works

Firstly, tapping works at both a physiological and an emotional level to create and maintain a state of calm. The better you can hold something in mind while you tap, the more the calming effect of the tapping will counterbalance the emotions you have been triggered into in the past by this situation, person or issue.

In part, this is because each image holds a multiplicity of meanings.

Pictures are not one dimensional, they embrace different understandings and interpretations. An image will remain meaningful while you are tapping on it, as it is not limited to a single understanding or emotion.

Secondly, tapping stimulates a more creative state of mind. Much like being in a creative flow while drawing, tapping enhances your focus, your imagination and your resourcefulness. In this state, it is easier to cement new resources and embed new learnings in a lasting way.

How to Tap into a Soul Picture

A first step is to think of some words or affirmations to go with your Soul Picture.

If you have created a simple focus or anchor image, then the best approach is to come up with affirmations that describe what it represents. For example, if you have drawn a Soul Picture of yourself receiving abundance, you might choose two or three affirmations such as 'I embrace abundance', 'I am abundance/abundant', and 'I receive all that I need with ease and joy'.

These affirmations can be written in or around your Soul Picture, adding another layer to it.

Equally, if you are working with a Soul Picture 'map', you normally have three different parts to it. You start with the current situation, or issue. Then, what is needed to resolve it, and finally the outcome your soul desires. You can also write a descriptive sentence for each of these parts, though you may find it unnecessary as these are generally more self-explanatory and simpler than a focus or anchor image.

Once you have your Soul Picture and its 'messages', you start to tap on the opposite or negative version of the affirmations, or the 'current' difficult part of your map.

Tapping on the Negative

This is done because in most tapping you start with acknowledging and releasing the negative. Like recognising and honouring the shadow aspects of yourself, doing this allows you to befriend or release these dark elements. That way, they will not undermine the positives that you later focus on.

After tapping on the negative, its charge will drop and you can then begin to focus on the affirmations, or else on the 'solution' and 'desired outcome' of your map.

In this way, each Soul Picture holds different elements: at least one negative, often a transition towards the positive, and one or more positives. You tap while focusing on each of these in turn, using the single image as a place holder for all of these aspects.

Tapping Basic Recipe

The 'basic recipe' of tapping is to start on the side of your hand while you repeat a 'setup statement' three times. A typical setup statement is: 'Even though I (state the problem), I love and accept myself completely.'

If you struggle with saying 'I love and accept myself completely', try something like 'I forgive myself', or 'I'm okay', or 'I choose to change'.

The setup statement can be created on the basis of your affirmations. For example, if your affirmation is 'I am good enough', then three versions of your setup statement could be:

'Even though I don't believe I am good enough, I love and accept myself. Even though I do not trust that I am really good enough, I forgive myself anyway. Even though I don't have faith that I am good enough, that's okay and I am making a start.'

Then, you can move to the crown of the head (though in some versions you start at the eyebrow point and end at the top of the head) and tap down through all the points.

As you tap through the points, picture your image in your mind's eye, or actually look at it. You may also say the negative form of your affirmations, or the descriptions of your map, until you feel the negative is no longer 'charged'.

One way to check this is to ask yourself how strong the negative feels. This can be done using the SUDs Scale (Subjective Units of Discomfort), where you ask yourself on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the strongest/most negative and 0 being no intensity at all, how intensely you feel this? Do two rounds, then check your intensity again, and keep tapping around the points until you reach a 1 or 0. As the intensity drops, you can alter your setup statement to reflect that: 'Even though I have this remaining belief that I cannot...'

Once the negative has lost its intensity, you can start transition. For example, as you tap you might say 'I am open to the possibility of changing how I feel', 'I can start to feel good enough'.

Finally, you begin to tap on the positive: I am good enough/I am abundant (or whatever it is for you in the moment with this Soul Picture).

Finger Points (EFT) tapping
These are the basic tapping points
These are the basic tapping points