Breathing might seem at first glance to be unrelated to creating a Soul Picture and using it in your personal transformation. However, there is a huge body of evidence that shows the effects that changing your breathing can have on your physical, mental and emotional state.

The Heart Math Institute have been involved in a lot of scientific studies that show the effectiveness of using what is called the Heart Math breath, or Balanced Breathing.

This deceptively simple breath is basically just balancing your in breath and your out breath, with no pauses in between. What this does is balance your autonomic nervous system (ANS). It balances your parasympathetic (rest and digest) and your sympathetic (fight or flight).

Doing this puts you into an optimal state for creativity and decision-making. It helps you achieve high levels of both calm and focus, so that you can achieve more.

I encourage all my clients, and anyone reading this website, to practise this type of breathing as often as possible throughout the day. That way, you are more often in a positive state, and your body also learns how to be in that state, so that you can more easily achieve it when you actually need to

As this is something best experienced, here is a video to explain a bit about balanced breathing and guide you through how to actually practise this breath: