In this section you will find the fundamentals on how to create and use Soul Pictures.

Perhaps most important is the page describing the Four Pillars of Soul Pictures. These four simple principles act as a guide in how to create a Soul Picture to make it as supportive and effective as possible. However, know that whatever you draw, paint or otherwise create is absolutely fine. These are guidelines and helpful suggestions, with good reasons behind them. Yet, it is your Soul Picture, and there can also be good reasons to choose something different. Let your intuition guide you!

Next up are the Three Kinds of Soul Picture: foci, maps, and anchors. This describes both what these three kinds of image are used for, as well as the differences in how to create them. See which one feels most appropriate to what you want to represent for a given situation.

The third page is about how to use tapping (EFT) with your Soul Picture. This technique helps in three different ways. It is great at releasing emotions and blocks around a subject. Tapping can help you to achieve a more creative, intuitive frame of mind. And it can also be used to cement new understandings and resources.

Finally, there is a page and video on breathing. Heart Math breathing, sometimes called Balancing Breath, is a highly effective way to get yourself into a state of calm, focus and creativity. It is also easy to do, and to maintain while you are creating your Soul Picture. It helps you to get into flow: that state where you are engaged in what you are doing so you lose track of time, feeling focused and stimulated. If you ever worry about artist's block, give this a try!