There are four foundations or pillars to creating a Soul Picture. These act as a guide to make your Soul Pictures as effective as possible. While these are useful guidelines to make your Soul Pictures supportive, safe and powerful as possible, they are only guidelines. You can choose to do something different, if that is what your intuition asks of you.


Put Yourself in the Picture


Create a Boundary


Make it Symbolic


Make it Positive

1) Put Yourself in the Picture

Anything that you want to achieve must be related to yourself. That might sound a little obvious, but this is really important (hence why it’s the first foundation).

In any situation, in anything that you want to have happen, think about how you want to feel.

People sometimes say something like: ‘I want to be rich.’ There are at least two problems with this!

Firstly, what does rich actually mean? Would you be rich if you had £1 million in the bank? Or would you be rich if you were making £1 million a year? Would you be rich if you owned your own home and a second home to boot?

Would you feel you lived a ‘rich’ life if you were doing something you loved, living somewhere you felt comfortable and at home, with people that you love and who love you back?

Defining what you really want is important.

Secondly, is what you want actually going to achieve what you want?

Have you ever thought you wanted a particular promotion, or a certain amount of money in the bank, or to be in a relationship with a specific person. Then, when you got what you thought you wanted, you realised you weren’t actually happy?

Sometimes people think that it’s just that they need the next thing, or relationship, or job. However, the cause of these emotions probably lies elsewhere. Your focus was on what you thought you wanted, rather than what you want to feel.

If what you want is to feel loved, then it may not be the person that you think is right for you who will actually give you that. Equally, if you want to feel abundant, you may find that it happens not when you get that big corporate job, but rather when you are doing something you love, even if you earn less money.

Another possibility is that you want someone else to do something. For example, maybe you love your job, except for your boss, or a bullying co-worker. You could think that the problem is the other person, but the fact is that any solution has to be connected to you.

For instance, changing jobs would be one way to remove that person from your life. Another solution might be to have an honest talk with them. Or, you may find that if you change your outlook, and the way you respond to them, they no longer bother you. It’s possible that you only feel bullied because they remind you of someone from your past, who behaved in a similar way. If you take the sting out of those memories from the past, then you may find the bully pathetic or laughable, rather than threatening. And if you are no longer scared of them, they will no longer single you out.

So, a Soul Picture to free you from a bully might focus on you feeling strong, resilient, and perhaps releasing traumas from the past. Its focus is on you, how you feel and how you act, not on the other person.

Equally, a Soul Picture to feel abundant will work best when it shows you enjoying your 'rich' life, rather than just showing a pile of money or a big bank. It is not the amount of money (or whatever it is that would feel abundant to you) that counts. It is what you can do with that abundance, and how it makes you feel.

2) Create a Boundary

A boundary, or a frame, acts in several ways.

Firstly, it defines what you are looking at in this moment. If you think about the frame around a picture, it separates the piece of art from the wall around it. It acts to highlight that this is a piece of art, rather than just something random.

In the same way, a boundary delineates what you are focusing on with this Soul Picture. You cannot do more than one thing at a time. More and more evidence shows that multi-tasking is less effective than doing small bouts on a single focus and then moving on. The same holds true for your Soul Pictures. You can do lots of different Soul Pictures, but at any one moment in time you can only be drawing one, meditating or tapping on one, sending Reiki to one, or whatever else you are going to do with your image.

Not only does the boundary define what you are focusing on, it can also be seen as defining your soul. It represents separating self from not-self. Another of the foundations of creating a Soul Picture is to keep it positive. However, this doesn't mean never having anything dark, dull or 'negative'. One aspect is that you can keep the negative separated from your Soul.

Secondly, a boundary acts as a protection. Thinking again about art in a frame, the frame protects the corners of the picture from getting bumped and damaged.

Equally, at an emotional level, you want to protect your Soul’s delight. This is something special, and something worth taking care of. Just as your skin protects your flesh, or your aura may protect your energy field, the boundary around your Soul Picture protects your focus.

In the same way, not only does the boundary delineate what is you and what negative things you want to put outside yourself, it also protects you from those negative aspects. So, the definition, separation, and protection aspects of the boundary work hand-in-hand.

So, what kind of a frame can you use?

It is important that your boundary be whole, after all, it is defining and protecting your soul’s intent. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be flexible and permeable. For example, if you surround your Soul Picture with lots of little dots that make a clear boundary, even though there are spaces between them, that counts as being whole. Basically, the boundary can be energetically whole without needing to be rigid, inflexible or impermeable.

The frame can be a circle, an ellipse, a heart, a square a rectangle, a blob. It really is up to you. In this, you can be guided by your intuition, or simply the shape of the image you have created.

You can also think about what you want to achieve with your boundary. If it is more for protection than definition, that may influence the colour and shape you choose.

You can do a single layer of frame, or multiple layers/colours. You can space symbols at roughly even distances around the picture to create a boundary, or have an unbroken line. You can fill the frame with colour, or have it remain simple. It really is up to you!

3) Make it Symbolic

The saying goes: a picture paints a thousand words.

This is so very true, and even more so at a Soul level. So, while you could write something about what you want, and you will do that, too, more important is to make your image speak to you symbolically.

The easiest way to understand this is with some examples.

Say you want get healthy, what would that actually look like? One part might be to eat more healthily, and you could represent this with an apple. If you want to exercise more regularly, put in a set of weights, or show yourself taking a walk in nature (a single tree or flower might do).

Is it love you’re looking for? How about a bouquet of flowers? Or heart shapes? Or maybe a person holding your hand?

If it’s new challenges or recognition at work that you want, you might show yourself speaking in front of an audience. Or perhaps receiving some kind of award.

The use of chakras to represent your personal Soul energy as abundant and balanced is another example of this symbolic approach. To feel at the top of your game, you want to be energised and motivated, calm and peaceful, and clear and in touch with your intuition. This is what a vibrant chakra system epitomises.

4) Make it Positive

Have you ever said: ‘I don’t want to get sick’ or ‘I don’t want to be poor’ or ‘I don’t want to end up alone’? All of these are perfectly reasonable sentiments.

The fact is, though, that your soul needs to focus on what you do want.

One reason is that negatives cause you stress, and stress depletes your energy. If you have less energy, you are less able to achieve what you desire.

Another reason is that your subconscious doesn’t listen to extra words. It will focus on the meaningful words in what you are saying. And in the examples above, the meaningful words are ‘sick’, ‘poor’, and ‘alone’. Doesn’t sound good, does it?

So, if you find yourself thinking in terms of what you want to avoid, see if you can turn it around. Look for the opposite. And remember, the opposite may not be a dictionary definition. And if you are really stuck on the negative, consider creating a Soul Picture map, instead of a focus (see the section on different kinds of Soul Picture).

The opposite of poor might be comfortable, or abundant, rather than rich. If you hear rich, you may think about rich people you don’t like, or expressions like rich bitch. The word may carry negative connotations that could lead you to sabotage yourself. After all, if you don’t want to be a rich bitch, if you wouldn’t like yourself if you became that kind of person, then your Soul will reject any picture you create that includes this word or scenario.

If your negative feels very powerful, you may want to create a Soul Picture 'map'. This kind of image acts as a guide to get you from here to there. So, you would start with the dominant negative, then put in something to help you transition, and finally draw your desired outcome.

It is helpful to create affirmations to accompany your Soul Picture - anything from one to three works best. Sometimes, you may create the affirmations first, and then be inspired to draw your Soul Picture. Other times, you will draw your image, and then the affirmations will follow. And sometimes it may be a combination. Perhaps a single affirmation inspires you, and then the act of creating the image brings to mind some other, related affirmations. It’s all good 🙂