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A Soul Picture is an image you create to help you gain clarity, increase focus, or cement new learnings and behaviours. The Four Pillars of Soul Pictures are:

  1. Put Yourself in the Picture
  2. Create a Boundary or Frame
  3. Make it Symbolic
  4. Make it Positive

Beyond that, let you intuition guide you and be as creative as you choose. It is your soul, and your soul’s desire, that you are creating.

Soul Pictures can be a way to tap into your intuition, helping you gain clarity. They also work really well to communicate with your subconscious, which is great if you tend to procrastinate or self-sabotage.

You can also use these images as a focus for various meditative and therapeutic approaches, such as tapping (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting,past life work, healing ancestral wounds, and Reiki.

Finally, they are a great way to make tangible the transformations that you are creating through this powerful self-exploration and healing. They act as a reminder and a focus for what you have experienced and achieved.

Absolutely not! Some people have called this art therapy for people who don’t believe they can draw. Whatever your artistic abilities, and whatever medium you would like to use, you can create a Soul Picture that will move you towards living more mindfully and more joyfully.

This is really up to you!

You might like to focus more on how to create a Soul Picture, or what theme you want your Soul Picture to be about. Other times you might start with some tapping to help calm your emotions and find your focus.

If you have a particular issue you want to look at, we might dive straight into that, either a past trauma, a specific symptom, or an ancestral wound that needs healing. In that case, you might create your Soul Picture after the session, as a way of cementing the change that has happened.

Yes, sessions can take place online. A lot of people find it an extremely convenient and effective way to work. It cuts out travel time, and means you can enjoy the privacy of your own home. In terms of the Soul Pictures, you only need a few pens or pencils to hand, and some paper. And all the other elements - such as tapping, meditation, and breath work - are easy to see and follow along with.

You may find Zoom a more stable platform than Skype, and it’s easy to set up and use: I just send you a link and off we go. If you prefer, I can also accommodate sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, or BlueJeans.

The Gestalt Centre is a dedicated therapy centre located between King’s Cross, Morningtion Crescent and Camden. It is a pleasant space, with a reception, two waiting areas, and toilets. Free hot and cold drinks are also provided.

15-23 St Pancras Way NW1 0PT

A single session costs £115. If you choose to book a package after that session, the initial payment can be put towards the package you choose to invest in.

  • Colour me calm - 4 sessions - £365
  • Tangible transformation - 8 sessions - £549
  • Deep dive add-ons - 4 additional sessions - £260

Yes, I offer discounted sessions to anyone on benefits, students, pensioners and so on. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this.