Chloe McCracken

Hi, I’m Chloë McCracken, creator of the Transformative Soul Picture Process.

I’ve been leading guided visualisations based on archetypal images since 2006, as well as using them to help boost my clients’ intuition and guide them towards greater clarity.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist, tapping practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, and author of several oracle decks. The best known of these is the award-winning Celtic Lenormand Oracle.

While I’m a terrible artist, I have always loved imagery and its power to influence our subconscious mind. So, I created Soul Pictures as a way to harness that power, even for people like me who don’t believe they can draw!

Using Soul Pictures, you can talk directly to your subconscious, creating change at a deep level. You will also use hypnotic language and tapping to dive deeper, anchored by your Soul Picture, to achieve the renewal you desire.

So, get ready to change your life, one picture at a time!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I so enjoyed creating my Soul’s Pictures and using them for tapping and meditation. It made it much easier for me to keep my focus while meditating, and I also liked the playfulness of making the picture itself.” 

Meghan C.

“Wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really got into the flow of the process. I see myself in a different light, now. And it’s a great tool for whenever I have a new challenge on the horizon.” 

Bernie A.

“The process really inspired me. It’s so cool and fun! You’re the best, Chloe! Thanks for all the love and support.”

Susan H.


LL.B. in Law from Exeter University

Masters (M.Sc.) in Social Anthropology from University College London.

Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in Psychotherapy and Counselling from Regent’s College, London.

Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert) in Clinical Hypnosis from LCCH through University of West London.

Other related training

Levels 1 and 2 EFT with EFT Courses

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Training with Karl Dawson

Certified mBIT Coach - combines breathwork for clarity and coherence with coaching to explore your needs and goals

Life coach training with NLP Dynamics

Master Practitioner course in Eating Disorders and Obesity with NCFED

Advanced training in EMDR through LCCH

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing through the Gestalt Centre

Astanga Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Center (Madrid) and David Swenson

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Center (Madrid)

Vinyasa Yoga Basic and Advanced Teacher Training with the White Lotus Foundation