Tapping into your creativity as a path to transformation

Tapping into your creativity as a path to transformation

Tapping into your creativity as a path to transformation


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Have you ever tried to make changes in your life, only to find yourself backsliding into old patterns? Or wanting something, and then not being happy when you achieved it?

Soul Pictures are a route to greater clarity, to linking imagination with motivation, and to cementing change.

Soul Pictures represent you, at a deep level. This may not be the you that you see in the mirror, and it may not be the you that you feel yourself to be at the moment. However, Soul Pictures are a creative act that works to create the Self that you desire.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said: ‘The creative act is comprehensible only as a gradual process of arrangement and unification, which amounts to accepting that to create is to unite.’

In creating a Soul Picture, you unite different aspects of yourself. You unite your subconscious with both your conscious mind and your Higher Self or Soul. You may also unite your current self with your past selves, and certainly you unite your present self with your future self. You unite your creativity and your drive, your motivation and your passion, your imagination and your desire.

To get the most out of your Soul Pictures, try following the Four Foundations of Soul Pictures. These will make your images extremely effective.

You can also consider how to use your Soul Pictures. There are three types of Soul Picture, and which one you create will depend on where you are in your transformational journey.

They can be a way to gain some clarity. This could be clarity about how to approach a problem, clarity about what you want to achieve, or clarity about how to maintain the gains you make.

Soul Pictures can also be used as a focus to inspire your imagination, intuition and motivation.

And these images can also be used as a spring board for other types of healing.

In particular, the Transformational Soul Picture Process involves creating an image and using it as a focus for tapping (EFT), using a specially designed template for creating tapping scripts from your image and the affirmations associated with it. This is a wonderful way to release blocks, put you in a more creative frame of mind, and reinforce positive learnings.

Diving deeper, Soul Pictures can be used to release trauma from the past, trauma from past lives, and trauma from ancestral wounds. They can be used as a focus for sending Reiki, if that is something that you do. And they can be used as a focus for meditation

In all these ways, Soul Pictures act to support your personal transformation.